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Boho Feather Earring With Beads - Assortment 12 Pairs

Boho Feather Earring With Beads - Assortment 12 Pairs

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Our feather earrings with beads, where the enchanting essence of feathers meets the vibrant spirit of bohemian fashion. These earrings are a true representation of nature's beauty intertwined with the intricate charm of handcrafted beadwork, creating an accessory that brings a touch of wilderness and artistic elegance to your style.

Engineered for both beauty and comfort, these lightweight earrings can be worn effortlessly throughout the day. Whether you're aiming to infuse your everyday outfit with a hint of natural elegance or you're elevating your boho-inspired look for a special event, these earrings stand as a perfect choice.

Package content:
1 case contains an assortment of 12 pairs earrings

*100% Handmade
*Made with positive vibes in mind
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