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Gemstone Magical Sphere Balls - 10 Pcs

Gemstone Magical Sphere Balls - 10 Pcs

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Step into a world of enchantment with our hand carved magical sphere, a testament to the exquisite fusion of craftsmanship and the mystical energies of red jasper and howlite.

The magic lies in the energy and symbolism of these gemstones, which are known for their unique properties and soothing qualities. The combination of red jasper and howlite creates a harmonious fusion of grounding and tranquility, making it an ideal tool for meditation and spiritual practices.

With a world of surprises and magic waiting inside, this sphere promises an adventure like no other. Embrace the magic, relive the excitement and see what you'll get!

Package content:
Case of 10 means the package will come with 10 magical sphere balls
Sphere size (Approx): 40mm (1.58")

Due to the unique nature of each stone, the sphere may vary slightly in color

*100% Handmade
*Made with positive vibes in mind

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