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Blue Peacock Malachite Bracelet- 12 Pcs

Blue Peacock Malachite Bracelet- 12 Pcs

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Elevate your style with the exquisite beauty of the Blue Peacock Malachite Bracelet. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this stunning piece combines the mesmerizing allure of malachite with the elegance of a timeless bracelet design.

Inspired by the vibrant hues of a peacock's feathers, the striking shades of blue and green in the malachite beads create a captivating visual display. Blue Peacock Malachite is often associated with healing energies and is believed to have a positive influence on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Bracelet Specs
* High-Quality Beaded Bracelet
* Unisex Bracelet
* 8mm beads
* Made to Fit Your Wrist or Anklet
* Made with Pure Positive Energy
* Great Gift for Everyone

Package content:
1 case contains 12 bracelets
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