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Buddha Bracelet - Howlite Stone - 12pcs

Buddha Bracelet - Howlite Stone - 12pcs

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The Fame and demand have increased for Buddha Bracelets over the years. The Buddha Bracelets are believed to attract wealth and luck to the wearer. The Buddha Bracelets bring love, intelligence, enjoyment, and freedom to their owner.

Howlite Healing Properties

*Opens and prepares the mind for wisdom
*Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension
*Promotes restful sleep and vivid dreams
*Removes veils blocking the truth

Bracelet Specs
* High-Quality Beaded Bracelet
* Unisex Bracelet
* Genuine 8mm beads
* Quality Elastic Stretch Bracelet
* Made to Fit Your Wrist or Anklet
* Made with Pure Positive Energy
* Great Gift for Everyone
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