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Chakra Bonsai Gemstone Tree- 8 Pcs

Chakra Bonsai Gemstone Tree- 8 Pcs

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Your mind, body, and spirit deserve to be in balance. That's why it is crucial to maintain a sense of neutrality in your home as well! The chakra gemstone tree is the perfect way to achieve this. Each chakra gemstone tree has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties and then carefully hand-placed on the branches of the tree. And the tree is shaped like a little bonsai tree and is placed on the agate plate.

Size Measurement(Approximate)
Width 3" Height 4"

The tree may vary in overall size and shape due to natural differences and handmade features.

Package Includes

* 8 Gemstone Chakra Trees
* Handcrafted with Positive Vibes in Mind
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