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Dainty Gemstone Crescent Moon Pendant - Assortment 20 Pcs

Dainty Gemstone Crescent Moon Pendant - Assortment 20 Pcs

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Our Moon Pendant, a graceful and celestial-inspired piece that merges the delicate crescent moon shape with the enchanting allure of gemstones. This pendant is crafted for those who appreciate the subtlety of lunar symbolism and the natural beauty of gemstones.

The crescent moon design imparts a celestial elegance to the pendant, capturing the mystique and grace associated with lunar symbolism.

The dainty size and versatile design make this pendant suitable for various occasions, allowing you to seamlessly transition from day to night with a touch of celestial sophistication.

PLEASE NOTE: as with all natural gemstones, variations in color and pattern are expected. These unique characteristics contribute to the authenticity of the pendant.

Package content:
1 case contains an assortment of 20 pendants with clasp on.
Pendant Size (Approx) :0.6*0.7"
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