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Dream Agate Bracelet - 12 Pcs

Dream Agate Bracelet - 12 Pcs

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Journey into the ethereal realm of dreams with our Dream Agate Bracelet, a captivating blend of beauty and mystique. Each bead of dream agate is a portal to the subconscious, adorned with intricate patterns and soothing hues that evoke feelings of tranquility and serenity.

Dream agate is believed to enhance inner peace, intuition, and connection with the spiritual realm, making it a powerful ally for dreamwork and meditation.

Bracelet Specs
* High-Quality Beaded Bracelet
* Unisex Bracelet
* 8mm beads
* Made to Fit Your Wrist or Anklet
* Made with Pure Positive Energy
* Great Gift for Everyone

Package content:
1 case contains 12 bracelets
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