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PREORDER Evil Eye Coffe Mug - Blue-Green - 8pcs

PREORDER Evil Eye Coffe Mug - Blue-Green - 8pcs

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The Evil Eye Coffee Mug is a beautiful, well-designed coffee mug. Whether you're drinking your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening cocoa, the design is sure to put you in a good mood! The quality of the mug itself is top-notch and the design is intricate and well-made. With 14.2 oz of liquid capacity, this mug would be a great addition to anyone's cupboard or desk.

Traditional protection against the evil eye, this dangerously great coffee mug will show those jealous haters who's the boss. With our hand-painted and glittery design, everyone will know who they're messing with and stay far away from you.

One case contains 8pcs in total.

8pcs of  Blue-Green Color.

Mug Specs

  • 14.2 oz liquid capacity
  • Beautiful glittery soft touch
  • Embellished with a gold color holder
  • Handcrafted by artisans
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