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Gemstone Evil Eye Protection Tree - Assortment - 6 pcs

Gemstone Evil Eye Protection Tree - Assortment - 6 pcs

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Gemstone Evil Eye Protection Tree - a stunning decorative item that is not only visually appealing but also provides powerful protective energy for your home or office.

Each pack features 6 beautifully handcrafted trees made of gemstones and evil eye glass beads. The tree is designed to resemble the mystical tree of life, with branches and leaves made of wire and adorned with evil eye beads.

The evil eye protection tree is believed to ward off negative energy and protect against the evil eye, a common belief in many cultures around the world. The combination of gemstones is said to promote balance, harmony, and positivity, creating a calming and uplifting atmosphere wherever it is placed.

100% Handcrafted trees may vary in overall size and shape due to natural differences and handmade features. Because of the limited quantity of recycled wood, the bases may come in different versions.

Package Includes an assortment of 6 trees.
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