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Gemstone Hexagon Column Pendant - Assortment 20 Pcs

Gemstone Hexagon Column Pendant - Assortment 20 Pcs

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Embrace the contemporary elegance of the pendant, where the sleek lines of the hexagon column seamlessly merge with the timeless beauty of the gemstone. This fusion creates a piece that transcends trends.

The hexagon is symbolic of balance, harmony, and unity. Wear the pendant as a representation of these qualities or infuse it with your own personal symbolism.

Choose gemstones known for their unique energy properties to infuse the pendant with specific intentions.Let your pendant become a wearable talisman aligned with your energy needs.

PLEASE NOTE: as with all natural gemstones, variations in color and pattern are expected. These unique characteristics contribute to the authenticity of the pendant.

Package content:
1 case contains an assortment of 20 pendants with clasp on.
Pendant Size (Approx) :0.3*0.9"
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