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Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet- 12 Pcs

Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet- 12 Pcs

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Rose quartz is revered as the stone of unconditional love, making the Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet a powerful tool for opening the heart chakra and inviting more love into your life. Its gentle vibrations promote self-love, compassion, and emotional healing.

Associated with emotional healing and inner peace, rose quartz helps to soothe the soul and calm turbulent emotions. The Gemstone Rose Quartz Bracelet's nurturing energy provides comfort and support during times of stress, grief, or heartache.

Bracelet Specs
* High-Quality Beaded Bracelet
* Unisex Bracelet
* 8mm beads
* Made to Fit Your Wrist or Anklet
* Made with Pure Positive Energy
* Great Gift for Everyone

Package content:
1 case contains 12 bracelets
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