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Gemstone Spiral Cage Necklace - Assortment 12 Pcs

Gemstone Spiral Cage Necklace - Assortment 12 Pcs

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Soothe your spirit and release stress with this stunning spiral cage necklace. The natural pick gemstone is embedded for healing and purification. The silver or gold cage is both delicate and eye-catching. This necklace would make an excellent gift for a loved one, a self-styling accessory for your everyday life, or something to wear on special occasions and in moments of contemplation.

Package content:
1 case contains an assortment of 12 handmade necklaces.

Due to the unique nature of each stone, the necklace may vary slightly in shape, color, and size.
Cage color is either gold or silver. Cage size is around 23mm*20mm.

*100% Handmade
*Made with positive vibes in mind
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