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Handcraft Gemstone Tree - Assortment 6 Pcs

Handcraft Gemstone Tree - Assortment 6 Pcs

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Our handmade gemstone tree, a unique and meaningful piece of home decor that combines the beauty of gemstones with spiritual support. This exquisite crystal tree is not only visually stunning but also carries the energy and symbolism of gemstones, making it a perfect addition to your living space.

Each tree is meticulously handcrafted with gemstone chips, carefully chosen for their unique properties and colors. These gemstones may include amethyst for calmness, rose quartz for love, citrine for abundance, and more, depending on the assortment.The wooden base provides stability and a natural, earthy touch to the overall design!

100% Handcrafted trees may vary in overall size and shape due to natural differences and handmade features. Because of the limited quantity of recycled wood, the bases may come in different versions.

Package Includes an assortment of 6 trees.

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