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Zodiac Astrology Card - 60 Pcs

Zodiac Astrology Card - 60 Pcs

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Our collection of 12 zodiac cards, a unique and insightful set that combines astrology, chakra, element, planet, and constellation symbolism. Each card is beautifully designed with intricate artwork that represents one of the 12 Zodiac signs.

These cards provide a wealth of information about each Zodiac sign, making them a perfect tool for astrology enthusiasts, energy healers, and those seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and others.

Whether you're a seasoned astrologer or simply curious about the Zodiac signs, this collection is a captivating and educational addition to your spiritual or metaphysical practice. Use them for guidance, meditation, or as a unique gift for a fellow astrology enthusiast. Delve into the mystical world of astrology and crystals with this enlightening and beautifully designed collection!

Package content:
1 case contains 60 zodiac card( 5 of each zodiac sign)
Card Size : 3*3.5 inches
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